State of Florida
Secretary of State Corporate Certificate
Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) Certificate

Board of Professional Engineers - Certificate of Authorization

Miami-Dade County, Florida
A/E Pre-Qualification Certificate
DBD Affirmative Action Plan Certificate

Equitable Distribution Program (EDP)
Technical Certifications:

Category 3.10 - Highway Systems Lighting

Category 4.01 - Aviation Systems Engineering Design

Category 6.02 - Water and Sanitary Sewer Systems     

- Major Water and Sanitary Sewage Pumping Facilities

Category 8.00 - Telecommunication Systems
Category 12.00 - General Mechanical Engineering
Category 13.00 - General Electrical Engineering
Category 17.00 - Engineering Construction Management

Category 19.04 - Value Analysis and Life Cycle Costing

-  Aviation Systems

Category 19.08 - Value Analysis and Life Cycle Costing

- Telecommunications Systems

Category 19.12 - Value Analysis and Life Cycle Costing

-  Mechanical

Category 19.13 - Value Analysis and Life Cycle Costing

-  Electrical

Disadvantage Business Enterprise (DBE) Certificate
Community Business Enterprise (CBE - Tier 1) Certificate
Micro-Small Business Enterprise (MICRO-SBE) Certificate
M-DCPS Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) Certificate

M-DCPS Small Business Enterprise (SBE) Certificate


Broward County, Florida
Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) Certificate
The School Board of Broward County MBE Certificate

Broward Health Supplier Diversity Program

Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB)

Palm Beach County, Florida
The School District of Palm Beach County M/WBE Certificate

Palm Beach County MBE Certificate

          U.S. Green Building Council Member

          Society for Advancement of Value Engineering (SAVE)

          NFPA - National Fire Protection Association

          ICC - International Code Council

          IAEI - International Association of Electrical Inspectors



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